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We have extensive experience in structuring syndicates to undertake property developments or business projects.

We can manage the accounting and reporting to unit holders in a cost effective manner and assist with investments in and out of the venture.

Property syndicates involve the pooling on resources from investors to acquire an entire investment property. Property syndicates have become increasingly popular for diversifying an investor’s portfolio. Investors who have the capital are able to diversify their portfolio through investing in commercial, retail, or industrial properties. Investment in property syndicates is also possible through a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

Benefits of Property Syndicates:

  • You can get into the property market quickly than you might be able to on your own or buy a better quality property
  • Reduces the amount of cash you need to purchase property, which allows you to have greater cash-flow for other investments or purchases. Thus also decreases risk and reduces the need for borrowing to build.
  • Sharing the workload with the syndicate saves you times, and gives you access to the strengths and talents of the other syndicate members.

At Utopia Financial Partners, all our financial advisers are qualified accountants, and as such, can provide in-depth advice about investing in property syndicates which takes into account the current tax implications and strategies.

Utopia Consulting offers advice on how to structure your syndicate, advice and work on the establishment of the syndicate, establishment and amending trust deeds, and can manage the tax and accounting obligations of the syndicate.


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