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Superannuation is less than half the investment story. We believe using discretionary and unit trusts with corporate beneficiaries provides an infinitely more flexible retirement asset structure which works well with an SMSF.

We are able to advise on domestic and international shares, ETFs, Warrants, Bonds, Fixed Income, Mortgage Funds and Infrastructure funds.  We can assist you with building small cap portfolios on key growth themes such as Blockchain, Batteries, Gold and Artificial Intelligence.

We target astute investments with a rigorous understanding of the international and domestic geo-political and economic landscapes.

We have access to a computer algorithm which identifies an established trend in a stock. We overlay that with our chosen themes and that allows us to target not just when to buy but more importantly, when to sell to maximize gains. We utilize stop-loss positions on small cap investments to minimize losses and maximize overall portfolio return.

All advice is fee based and we send out written terms of engagement for approval before any work is undertaken.

Professionals are often concerned about losing assets and we have asset protection solutions using protective trusts to mitigate the risks for business owners and professionals in practice.


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