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How to buy property and shares in your SMSF using gearing.

We are able to provide you with advice on whether extending your Self-managed superannuation portfolio via a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA) to purchase property or shares is best for your super fund, and your personal financial position.

We can provide you with specific, personalized advice regarding the potential benefits a LRBA would have on your fund, alongside any potential negative impacts. We will also calculate your funds cash flow and provide you with an in depth report detailing the specifics of the LRBA each year, from establishment through to the end of the LRBA term.

Not only can we provide you with the required advice on whether an LRBA is right for your fund, but our specialized mortgage brokers can assist you with the LRBA application and ensure you are aware of all current LRBA products on the market, and also recommend which LRBA solution best suits your fund’s needs.

Once we have assisted you with repaying the LRBA over your desired timeframe our professional chartered accountants will aid you in the process of vesting the asset to your self-managed superannuation fund.

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