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The team at Utopia Tax & Accounting are experts in Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) establishment, management, and administration.

Our director has over 35 years of experience in SMSFs, from which our team receive thorough ongoing training, creating a team of highly qualified SMSF accountants.

We have services to work with SMSF from their initial set up, through to their daily administration, and to winding up the SMSF.


SMSFs allow individuals to take more control over their retirement savings, allowing you to be more engaged and involved. An SMSF gives you more flexibility and transparency over your money, and the investments you chose.

By choosing to use an SMSF you will have the opportunity to choose from a wider range of investments including residential and commercial property, collectibles, term deposits, and direct shares.

An SMSF allows trustees and professional advisers to use the flexibility of an SMSF to minimise the tax payable. This is done through strategic decision making in relation to contributions, reserves and distributions.

SMSF are useful as asset protection. An SMSF can be structured for business owners to protect members from litigation and bankruptcy.

In certain situations, an SMSF can be more cost effective than a public superannuation fund.

Our SMSF services include:

  • Establishing SMSF for individual and corporate trustees (hyperlink to corporate maintenance page)
  • Holding and amendment Superannuation fund trust deeds as needed
  • Preparation of SMSF tax returns, financial statements, minutes, and trustee declarations
  • Preparing SMSFs for yearly audit
  • Liaising with the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of SMSF
  • Developing the correct structures to facilitate borrowing in SMSF using Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements
  • Pension commencement and consolidation
  • Facilitating rollovers to/from external superannuation funds
  • SMSF technical and compliance advice
  • SMSF windup
  • Investment advice in SMSF through our financial advisory team- Utopia Financial Advisory

Our years of experience have provided the insight into making changes in how we work with SMSFs, so we can stay ahead of legislation, and solve problems before they arise.

An innovative step we have made is to work with technology, such as Class, to access information as it becomes available. The integration of client-friendly technology has enabled us to provide a cloud based SMSF daily administration and reporting service that makes running your SMSF easier. The software allows our accountants to:

  • Have 24/7 access to SMSF portfolio details, investment overview and performance reports
  • Maintain up to date reporting;
  • Monitor Pension and contribution caps to keep your SMSF compliant and running efficiently, so it can sustain you for your whole retirement
  • Lessen source documents needed for audit purposes, so our clients do not have to collect and produce mountains of documents come tax time
  • Identify problems and put plans into action in order to maintain compliant SMSFs


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