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Utopia Tax & Accounting partners with our clients to work together in pursuit of our client’s goals.

Utopia Tax & Accounting can help you in:

Setting up a business:

Whether it is setting up a corporate trustee or a trading business, Utopia Tax & Accounting can help you create a company that suits your needs. We work with external consultants to ensure that we keep your companies compliant, and work together with our financial advisers, business consultants and accountants to develop the best taxation strategies tailored to your circumstances.

Selling a business:

Our business consultants are also qualified, practicing accountants, giving them the skills and expertise to help our clients in exiting or selling their business. We can provide you with the best tax advice to ensure you walk away with the best possible financial situation.

Admitting new owners into your company or new trustees into your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF):

Utopia Tax & Accounting can develop the most tax effective strategies for admitting new owners into your company, or trustees into your SMSF. We can partner you with a qualified adviser who can help you to maximise you wealth strategy while minimising your tax liabilities.

Setting up strategies for asset protection:

Our team can set up strategies for asset protection such as protective trusts, establishing effective business structures, investment structures, and insurance advice.

A protective trust ensures that assets that are bequeathed in a will are held by a nominated trustee to look after the asset until the beneficiary is able to take control. Protective trusts are beneficial when the beneficiary is seen as vulnerable, such as being too young to manage the asset, having a disability or mental illness (including an addiction), struggle to manage their finances, or are being unduly influenced by another person. A protective trust allows the trustee to use the capital and income from the trust to benefit the beneficiary long-term.

Insurance Advice:

Our advisers are able to provide the right information on Life, Total Permanent Disablement, Trauma, and Income Protection insurance to match your situation and responsibilities.


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